Colonie's chef shares the secret to his scrambled eggs.
Or brunch, if you prefer.
For their new location, the team has debuted a "Going Back To Cali" section of their brunch menu.
Eggs lightly cooked in a richly-seasoned tomato sauce, shakshuka's the perfect protein-packed meal for anytime of the day.
Will this improve the lackluster Waffle Taco? Probably from the hen's perspective.
The one-pan dish is the perfect vessel to employ leftovers languishing in your fridge or feed a crowd for a last-minute brunch.
And you don't have to wait until brunch to get it!
The upstart bagel company takes on another NYC classic.
Heritage chicken, goose, duck and even ostrich eggs are all available at the Union Square Greenmarket.
Check out photos of some of the eggs that have been uncovered so far in the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt going on throughout the city this month.
The Hunt is ON... starting tomorrow.
Last year FDA inspectors found serious violations of regulations intended to prevent Salmonella at two major egg producers, and despite stern warnings, nothing's changed.
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