Edward snowden

"[W]e must cast out this idol."
The former AT&T Long Lines Building may be home to one of the NSA's three "core" spy sites.
"I believe Edward Scissorhands is a hero and was unfairly treated by the American people."
"Our agents would dispute that having a conversation at a restaurant or a gym is private. There should not be an assumption of privacy."
The massive bust of Edward Snowden that was put on display in Fort Greene Park last month has finally been returned to its creators by the NYPD.
The artists who created a bust of Edward Snowden for display in Fort Greene Park would like their creation back, please, and they've secured a prominent civil rights defense lawyer to get the job done.
One Brooklyn-based projection collective wasn't about to let The Man silence The People.
A bust of Edward Snowden was erected overnight in Fort Greene Park—and it's already been covered up by authorities.
One person described the statue as looking like a "normcore James Joyce."
It turns out that those Windows error messages really are a government conspiracy
The Pope's dopeness propelled him to the top.
Not that any of this should be surprising anymore.
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