Education department

Hours after suspending principals’ ability to use the NYC Department of Education online tool for hiring staff and managing their school budgets, the mayor’s office said it would restore their access.
The move – expected to cause disruption for school principals – is in response to a temporary restraining order, issued by a judge last week.
The restraining order is the latest in the fallout over school budget cuts that have led to major strains for public schools across the city.
The Bronx native said Friday that the nation’s highest court would not hear a federal challenge, which sought to halt the city’s order just before it took full effect.
“Blended learning means students will be taught on site in school for part of the week, and will attend school remotely on the other days of the week," Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said.
“I’m frustrated that we’re put in a situation where we’re reliant on government officials to protect our children, and they’re neglecting us,” one parent said. “The DOE is negligent at this point.”
Recent graduate Cali Greenbaum says Lisa Mars clearly didn't understand the school's mission "to help kids who are talented in the arts thrive academically as well."
The Department of Education and the NYPD have updated school security policies, crafting a new official agreement for the first time since 1998.
Parents are angry about what they view as their children's exposure to irrelevant, age-inappropriate content.
Protesters say the plan discriminates against Asian-Americans, while proponents of the plan say the schools discriminate against blacks and Latinos.
Critics say that the plan seeks to lower the number of Asian-Americans attending these elite high schools.
'The fastest growing Jewish denomination, the Hasidic community, provides little to no secular education to their boys (while most Hasidic girls do get a decent education),' says one advocate for yeshiva reform.
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