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Recent proposals to place charter schools in the same building with traditional public schools signal a shift in policy at City Hall, said United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew.

The findings aim to counter a ‘wedge’ issue seen as dividing Asian Americans and Black and Latino Americans.

Advocates praised the investment, which will result in more programming for students with emotional disabilities and autism.

The preliminary settlement is the result of a class-action lawsuit brought by three mothers in 2018 on behalf of their young children with Type 1 diabetes.

The applications will be part of the overall kindergarten registration process.

Teachers are volunteering their time after school and during their free periods, sorting through donated goods, to ensure students and families have what they need.

“Kids cannot get the mental health care that they need in their communities.”

Mayor Eric Adams, who has dyslexia, has made improving literacy a top priority.

As the strike at the prestigious Manhattan school continues, union organizers contend that the New School walked away from the bargaining table.