Lawmakers approved a bill last Wednesday to hand management of the School of Conservation to a nonprofit run by the school’s longtime supporters.
The 2021 "superintendent of the year" recipient is among 45 picks by Chancellor David Banks to lead New York City school districts.
Members of the City Council say they didn’t expect the cuts included in the budget they passed this month to be as damaging to schools as some principals have reported.
Absecon Schools petitioned the Department of Education to let them sever their send/receive relationship with Pleasantville.
Mayor Adams says he doesn't like the deal, which would involve more parents in the Panel for Education Policy and eventually trim lower-grade classrooms to 20 students.
Thousands signed a petition supporting district superintendent Philip Composto, and hundreds attended a virtual rally on Thursday.
Mercer County Superior Court Judge Robert Lougy is weighing whether to find the state liable for the racial composition of its schools, but it’s unclear when he will issue his decision.
With children falling behind on reading skills, Schools Chancellor David Banks wants to change the curriculum.
The city's teachers' union also agreed with the decision to lift the mask mandate for children ages 2-4 in 3K, pre-K, and day care settings.
Some schools have three-quarters or more of their students vaccinated. Others are far behind.
Lawyers for education equity advocates and the Murphy administration argued in court Thursday.
A coalition of nonprofits wants the state to take steps to desegregate school districts.
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