The annual fest is taking over Randalls Island all Labor Day weekend for a 10 year anniversary celebration.
"Skrillex/Zedd - 2012 - Never forget."
Day one of EZoo was good vibes all around, with people feeling sexy, dancing and screaming, tripping or rolling, laughing and having a blast.
"Kiddie raves." It was inevitable that we'd someday see these words, each noxious in their own ways, fused together to form the lexical manifestation of hives. There's also a video. Are you sweating yet?
There were 'Drug Amnesty Bins' for attendees to turn over their drugs.
It'll work about as well as that anti-pot episode of Saved By The Bell you watched once, but at least this one's in HD!
An alleged drug dealer is being charged in connection to a Molly-related death at the 2013 Electric Zoo festival.
If you're going to Auto-Tune nature there's no lovelier location than Bethel, New York.
Tickets go on sale next Tuesday.
A Parks Department spokesman told the Daily News that the festival's application is under review.
In addition to the two people who died after attending this year's Electric Zoo festival on Randall's Island, 19 people were "stricken," including an unidentified 28-year-old woman who is on life support at Lincoln Medical Center.
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