Eddie murphy

Murphy brought back four old characters, assembled some of the greatest living comics, and starred in some Christmas-themed sketches in the last SNL episode of 2019.
They'll be joined by musical guests DaBaby, Niall Horan, and Lizzo.
Murphy, Harrelson, Waller-Bridge, Kristen Stewart, David Harbour, and Taylor Swift are just some of the people who will be coming to SNL in the fall.
If being excited about this is wrong, then I don't want to be right.
The comedian, the brother of Eddie Murphy, died of leukemia.
Norbit is going to pop up in the end, right? Right??
It'll be for the 40th Anniversary celebration.
So long to Golden Arcs and Big Micks.
"Yeah, that place is a dump. Stopped going there 'cause some mutherfucker that looked like Samuel Jackson kept on robbing the place. WTF?"
Eddie Murphy swears up and down that there won't be another Norbit.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet your 2012 Academy Awards host: the man formerly known as Dr. Klump.
Rocket Science (directed by Jeffrey Blitz) You know what they say about
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