The delay reflects the bumpy process surrounding several of Adams’ appointments.
Everyone agrees the Riverside Park boat basin needs to be upgraded. Not everyone likes the city's plan: "This looked like the monstrosity on the Hudson."
As the system expands, transportation experts warn that the heavy subsidy necessary to keep the ferry system cheap is increasingly unsustainable.
The city has not publicly stated whether two new NYC Ferry routes will happen under the mayor's post-coronavirus budget.
The city released the Sunnyside Yard master plan this week.
'These families were humiliated and traumatized in public view and treated as suspect because they happen to be Muslim.'
Community members criticized the event as being a public relations stunt, with little new information and a lack of involvement from residents.
Riders of Mayor Bill de Blasio's subsidy-soaked ferry system are significantly richer and whiter than their mass transit counterparts.
The EDC is looking for proposals on how to make our floating pool dream a reality.
Several councilmembers pointed out that the city's beleaguered subways and buses carry exponentially more riders than the ferry, but receive just a fraction of the per-rider subsidy.
'The Hornblower procurement has suffered from profoundly poor levels of disclosure, as well as a series of seemingly inexplicable decisions that are proving to be needlessly expensive to taxpayers.'
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