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Mullins will be permitted to retire and will not face termination, as many advocates had called for because it would have further limited his benefits.

"Those comments were made because they were soundbites," Mullins said at his disciplinary trial on Monday. "They drew attention to the harm that was being caused to the men and women of the NYPD."

The FBI descended on the Lower Manhattan office of the NYPD union on Tuesday morning as part of an "ongoing investigation," according to an agency spokesperson.

Mullins, who took home a taxpayer-funded salary of $133,195 in 2020, has a lengthy history of making offensive statements and promoting racist content, and acknowledged being the subject of NYPD internal investigations.

Mullins has a long history of saying offensive things from his union's Twitter account, which he controls.

While the threat was immediately ridiculed by elected officials and New Yorkers, local police union leaders applauded the president's legally dubious threat.

The tweet that resulted in the investigation has since been deleted.

"When I seen the Blue Lives Matter flag I’m like, what is going on? This is not what it’s about."