New Yorkers are discovering a mayor who unapologetically embraces the full power of the mayoralty and basks in his newfound celebrity.
During an interview on CNBC, the mayor argued that efforts to make the city safer and more exciting would lure employees back to the office.
Renters have until 10 p.m. on Sunday to apply for funds.
“Almost every day I’m getting emails from my vendors saying, ‘Hey so you know we’re having some supply chain issues.’”
“There's a sense of urgency and desperation that I’ve never seen before."
With labor shortages continuing, employers aren’t so sure ending the federal government’s extended unemployment benefits this week will lead to a rush of job seekers.
The new moratorium will potentially protect hundreds of thousands of tenants from eviction, while granting landlords broader power to challenge tenants who they doubt are suffering financial hardship.
"We will have more to say on this soon," a spokesperson for Hochul wrote in an email to WNYC/Gothamist. "No decision has been made at this time."
Come Labor Day, roughly 750,000 people in New York City will see unemployment benefits disappear entirely.
A Brooklyn bar that specializes in craft beer and plays vinyl records got just $1,435 in federal restaurant aid.
Those outdoor sheds and sidewalk cafés are either popular or a nuisance, depending on whom you ask. But some neighborhoods can’t make them work at all.
The action was in response to the growing popularity of delivery apps during the pandemic, and concerns that they’re taking advantage of hard-hit restaurants.
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