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"My liberty, my interests and consequently my civil rights were ignored because some ambitious governors saw an opportunity to use an age-old political tactic: fear."

"What I think and what I know is that what happened after my sickness was likely for many politicians a convenient chance to appear presidential," Spencer said.

A Bed-Stuy resident who recently returned from West Africa has been taken to a local hospital with Ebola-like symptoms.

A woman who returned from West Africa 18 days ago died suddenly in a Brooklyn hair salon yesterday, sparking fears that the cause of death was Ebola-related.

"As you can see, Dr. Spencer is a very huggable guy," Mayor de Blasio said.

It's unclear if Spencer will be returning to his Hamilton Heights apartment.

"If they want to quarantine anyone, quarantine the politicians. Because they're pandering and misinforming their constituents."

A Connecticut family is furious that an elementary school banned their seven-year-old daughter for 21 days because she returned from a trip to Nigeria.

And how is the media coverage in GHANA more measured than the coverage in America?

A team of "disease detectives" have begun tracing all the patient's contacts "to identify anyone who may be at potential risk."