The NYPD has seized hundreds of throttled-powered e-bikes from delivery workers over the years — many of which are now sitting in a warehouse unused, and could easily be returned to their original owners.
"We are suspending that enforcement for the duration of this crisis," the mayor announced during a press briefing.
A company spokesperson vowed on multiple occasions that the bikes would be available again come 'fall.'
Time and time again we have asked the people at Lyft: Where have all the e-bikes gone? Time and time again, they have said: nothing.
The would-be rider suffered a non-critical burn to his leg.
The Rockaways' dockless bike provider is expanding its fleet by fifty percent, giving a boost to a somewhat troubled pilot program that kicked off on the peninsula last summer.
'I don't remember the specifics,' de Blasio told reporters at an unrelated press conference today. 'I remember a very minor incident.'
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