Eastern parkway

There were no injuries reported, or arrests.
At two crash-prone intersections on Eastern Parkway.
One was taken to an area hospital with severe head trauma, and two were taken to area hospitals and treated for leg trauma
A woman was killed by a 3 train at Eastern Parkway and Utica Ave this morning after reportedly fainting on the platform.
Two men died from separate stabbings, while two people were shot.
The cops we spotted were not grinding on dancers, but it's a big parade!
Go outside, get some fresh air, leave the trolls on the internet.
"It threw him into the middle of the street. I saw the guy flying," one witness recalled.
Cops raided at least six stores on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn
A Brooklyn man confessed to cops that he’d stabbed his girlfriend
Photograph from last year's parade by midlakemarion on Flickr Today is
Tens of thousands of colorfully costumed revelers partied down on Eastern Parkway
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