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The landlord, contractor, and plumber were sentenced to four to 12 years in prison.

Three people were all convicted of manslaughter in the fatal 2015 East Village gas explosion which resulted in the deaths of two people and destruction of three buildings.

The proposal must be approved by the Landmarks Commission before it breaks ground.

Michael Hrynenko Jr. was seen running from the about-to-explode building in 2015, according to authorities.

Many were longtime tenants of rent-stabilized or controlled apartments, and were rendered homeless by the deadly explosion.

The restaurant was shuttered following the East Village explosion, but they've found a new home a bit west from their original 2nd Avenue location.

One of the three empty lots on Second Avenue is going for almost $10 million.

The restaurant has been closed since shady gas siphoning was discovered in an inspection following the fatal Second Avenue explosion last spring.

The Buildings Department conducted 343 gas line inspections in 2015.

Illegal gas lines lead directly to the explosion, which killed two people and injured dozens more.