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The mayor championed the new initiative, for which he will funnel $100 million in City capital, on Twitter today.

A man was slashed in the face and hand after bumping into another passenger on a train during rush hour in Manhattan this morning.

He allegedly "rolled up a newspaper and shoved it down her throat, and shouted, 'I am going to kill you. You don’t know who I am. I am the black Hitler.'"

If you've got some bitcoins burning a hole through your e-wallet, just head over to the newsstand at 34th Street and 2nd Avenue.

We know exactly how these esplanade deals come together: cigars, back room trades, and little hookers giving little blowjobs.

While not everyone agrees about things like secondhand smoke seeping through apartment walls we think it is safe to say that nobody is okay with a "waterfall of human waste" coming into their home.

"The MTA should toss out this plan and put the garbage cans back," quips City Council member Jessica Lappin.

The United Nations may be a summit of world leaders, but it's driving East Siders CRAZY.