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The demolition of East River Park marks the last chapter in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s climate change legacy.

The temporary restraining order was the latest legal maneuver by opponents to the project.

The contentious plan to demolish and rebuild East River Park, a key climate priority for the de Blasio administration that’s prompted legal challenges and neighborhood uproar, is officially underway.

“There is climate change. That’s a fact. So we have to do something about it. But I don’t know why they have to take away the park.”

Residents are still fighting against a flood protection project that requires a rebuild of East River Park.

The lawsuit argues state legislature approval to "alienate" the park is required.

On Thursday, the full City Council will vote on the plan to transform East River Park and make it more resilient.

The city has amended its plan to shut down East River Park for three years for resiliency work.

'Whatever the park is giving us, you’re going to take it all away,' said Yvette Mercedes, a Baruch Houses resident, whose children play in the park. 'We need fixing, but why do it all at once?'