East new york

Since the rezoning in 2016, just 100 subsidized units have opened their doors to tenants.
Parents and members of the Spring Creek High School community say they were unaware of the scope of the incident, which showcases gaps in COVID policy and communication for New York City schools.
Community organizers are striving to boost the vaccination rate in their neighborhoods—person by person. They're calling on the city for help.
The man was killed less than a block from his home.
An NYPD officer was seen on video punching a young man in the head, then threatening to arrest his friends for not wearing masks, during a social distancing stop in East New York on Sunday.
The boy and his mother were struck by a driver not far from where 10-year-old Patience Albert was killed by a bus driver Monday.
The girl was walking when she was struck by the school bus driver making a right turn, police said.
The 19-year-old lived around the corner from the store.
A Brooklyn mother was allegedly slashed in the face this week by another woman after her child vomited on an MTA bus.
Among the alleged rip-offs were belts, pocketbooks and watches featuring brand names such as Gucci, Versace, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton.
'He’s literally running from them trying to escape further assault,' a police official said.
The NYPD is investigating two Brooklyn police officers for allegedly having sex in a patrol car, after the cops managed to inadvertently record their raunchy rendezvous on a body-worn camera,
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