East flatbush

A Connecticut man is accused of throwing bleach at a police officer during a traffic stop.
“Protect us. That’s all we are asking. Give us what we need so we can survive.”
As gentrification goes, so does the fraud.
Over a hundred people turned out to protest the East Flatbush nail salon after a violent altercation there last week.
The fight was allegedly sparked by a bad eyebrow job.
Police are still searching for the hit-and-run driver who allegedly struck and killed a cyclist in Brooklyn early Saturday morning.
While repairing a nearby sewer system.
At least they got some honey out of the deal though.
The building in East Flatbush has a long history of neglect and sketchy construction.
The city set up the volunteer project, before the tragedy.
A Brooklyn woman was killed during an apparent home invasion robbery in East Flatbush early Friday morning.
A police officer shot and critically injured a 23-year-old man they say lunged at them with a knife at an East Flatbush laundromat this morning.
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