East broadway

The police officer seen in the video defending himself against the men had no idea he was being filmed.
After five homeless men are not charged for assault, former police commissioner Bill Bratton suggests that "NYC's decline in the ’70s & ’80s" could be on its way back.
Video shows that three of the men approach the officer, who shouts 'Step back! Step back! I don't want to hurt you!'
He was pushed by a stranger in a leather jacket, according to police.
A man was shot in the back on the Lower East Side this afternoon. Police are searching for his shooter.
A tipster who was at the scene sent us videos of the FDNY and EMT responding to the incident, including the moment when they realized "we have a breather." Watch below.
"At least four trains cars ran over him. He took a pretty good shot to the head."
The building allegedly had cardboard boxes full of cash.
A second person has been struck by a subway train today.
reidab's Flickr "I heard the crunch of the train going over
After being rescued from the tracks of the East Broadway F
Via Off-duty MTA worker Sabrina Scott was saved by an
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