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78 area residents reported feeling a slight shaking sensation. Everyone else slept through it. THIS time...

Never forget: One year ago today, around 1:51 p.m., New York City (and much of the East Coast) rocked.

God clearly wants you to pull the level for Michele Bachmann in 2012. Or else.

Every time there is an emergency authorities tell us to make a "Go Bag," and yet we don't know anyone who has one...

People felt the quake from Ontario all the way down to Alabama, because "it was a shallow earthquake, and geological conditions in the eastern U.S." make for a widely shared experience.

Back in 1931, some people were trying to make Depthscrapers happen.

To find out more about today's earthquake, we got on the phone with Larry Brown, a Cornell University professor of geology and the director of the Institute for the Study of the Continents.

Indian Point, the nuclear power plant located 35 miles from New York City, "is operating normally" following today's earthquake,