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The Earth Day action targeted print publication for what the protesters said were editorial and business failings

April 22nd marks the start International Dark Sky Week, a reminder that light pollution has impacts on human health, animals, plants and climate change.

100 streets will be car-free on Saturday, April 23rd, which will kick-off 2022's Open Streets program.

After Hurricane Sandy, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority committed $7.7 billion toward sea level resiliency. The investment will only protect the transit system for a limited period of time.

Jerome Foster has been included among a group of advisers to the president–a remarkable journey from protesting in front of the White House

The completion of City Tunnel. No. 3 would help alleviate strain from droughts and the coming climate emergency, but it has cost decades of human toil.

As part of our monthlong Dear NYC series, we're looking at New York City gems hidden away at the New York Public Library.

A complicated, but weak, old storm passing to the north of the Great Lakes gave us light rain this morning and will possibly a passing shower this afternoon.