Early voting

Early voting runs through June 26th and Primary Day is June 28th.
Voters can begin to cast a ballot nine days ahead of the June 28th primary.
Three of the four main candidates are expected to join the debate stage together.
New Jersey voters can cast their ballots early and in-person through October 31st.
“I like this early voting. I can come early, do what I have to do, and have the rest of my day to go.”
Early voting runs through October 31st.
Twenty-four schools are among the city’s 106 early voting sites, posing a new challenge now that students are back in classrooms.
Voters in Downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan’s Upper West Side, and southeast Queens cast ballots early at higher numbers than the rest of the city’s eligible electorate, according to data on early-voter turnout released from the NYC BOE.
As one campaign touts never-before released early-voter data, election officials claim anyone has access to it - if they know the right way to ask for it.
It's a pivotal election year, and voters are already hitting their local polling place to get their votes in. Here's what we heard on the first day of early voting.
“There’s no one here who’s saying something so egregious that I had to come in and had to stop somebody, so I decided to put my time in ranked-voting."
Your voting booth opens at 8 a.m. this Saturday, June 12th!
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