Early addition

Because he was paid to make a funny commercial, not explain why the coins are collapsing, here are your early links: Bill de Blasio might run for Congress after all, vacant apartments are up, available apartments are down, Eileen Myles loves tree, raucous New Jersey book signing, prosecco cork ruins bike race, and more.
Because you never know who you'll find lying drunk on the street behind their pickup truck, here are your early links: Anna Delvey art show, traffic crashes after dark, Kevin Durant smokes weed, Brooklyn Museum acknowledges racism in art, a bridge for L.A. mountain lions, and more.
Because the Bagel Boss is boss, here are your early links: NYC sex clubs, MTA bus driver hit-and-run, TikTok nuns of New Jersey, North Korea has COVID now, thrift stores are expensive, Baby Yoda got spiritual, and more.
Because the Port Authority is sort of cracking down on price gouging, here are your early links: Student walkout over Roe, Jewish Museum vs. Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump's motivational speech scheme, Spinal Tap sequel, Lionel Messi's Saudi deal, cereal <3 marshmallows 4Ever, and more.
Because the "Company" star doesn't want to see your nose poking out, here are your early links: primary fiasco, gubernatorial debates, abortion rights call-in special, Goop diaper, Wall Street woes, mediocre sex, and more.
Because the Vogue chief is a fan of thick slices of mozzarella, here are your early links: going after Cuomo's $16 million, illegal weed sales are lucrative, Uber is a failure, Diddy's back, NYCFC plays on the Yankees' field which is kind of cool, we learned nothing from the Johnny and Amber trial, and more.
Because selling mangos or churros is not barbecuing, here are your early links: Red Hook runaway dog found, massive Bronx waterfront development, Young Thug arrested, Trump "weirded out" by Madison Cawthorn, people who didn't want vaccines still don't, England wants to win Eurovision, and more.
Because it's apparently Art Week in New York City, here are your early links: NYPD cheating scandal, Eric Adams and AOC tension, Aaron Judge caught a hockey puck, first Black Doctor Who, the Warby Parker of death, the Warby Parker of having conversations with people, dog drip, and more.
Because subway graffiti is still super chouette, here are your early links: East Hampton police blotter, $2,500 apartments, almost no plastic gets recycled, James Molinaro's grandson arrested for attempted murder, Donovan McNabb's mom was great in those chunky soup commercials, and more.
Because the Hamilton Rush Ticket Industrial Complex was a boon, here are your early links: good Marcus Garvey Park workout news, wrongfully imprisoned man gets settlement, the mayor and Dave Chappelle, Ginni Thomas leaker theory, Elon Musk BBC documentary, Severance props, and more.
Because spicy chicken can't be stopped, here are your early links: New Jersey bag ban, Mayor Adams' Met board pick, John Stamos wedding after-party shenanigans, Met Gala carpet varieties, breaking into the Queens' castle, and more.
Because police records show that these units aren't taking many guns off the streets, here are your early links: Evictions are up, Coney Island's boardwalk to remain hazardous, Bill de Blasio's advice for unpopular politicians, boring chip flavors, take your shoes off inside, the mystery of why all those crab restaurants opened during the pandemic, and more.
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