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Because Kuwait needs cash, here are your early links: The New Jersey Devils are good, butt injections are bad, Kyrsten Sinema is no longer a Democrat, and more.

Because they're pouring riesling behind the ones and twos in Ridgewood, here are your early links: Prince Harry regrets wearing a Nazi costume, Eric Adams went to Andrew Cuomo's birthday party, Britney Griner is free, and more.

Because the friends and families of soccer stars aren't about to experience a dry World Cup, here are your early links: Aaron Judge remains a Yankee, NYC's Christmas tree trade seems mafia-adjacent, we salute the saluting emoji, and more.

Because service industry workers are everyday heroes and deserve more money, here are your early links: The Brooklyn Bridge port-a-potties are still standing, the Bronx is the greenest borough, embracing vastness is the move, and more.

Because she also reportedly asked a passenger she thought was Latino if they were smuggling cocaine, here are your early links: SNAP card-holders getting robbed via card scanners, Eric Adams hit the club in Qatar, the White Lotus season 2 theme song goes hard, and more.

Because the lab tests don't look good, here are your end-of-day links: NYC is the most expensive city in the world, an asteroid hit Mars 3.4 billion years ago, Lindsay Lohan poured milk in her Pepsi and it's a little gross, and more.

Because it takes 532 kegs of Genny Cream Ale to make this wonder, here are your early links: hit-and-run in Midwood, Will and Kate booed at a Celtics game, Jenna Bush Hager really hates underwear, and more.

Because the cats barely need your attention, here are your early links: NYC's speedwalking scene, the new Museum of Broadway, the Pink Sauce is for sale (and it's orange), and more.

Because the man has range, here are your early links: Canal Street fake purse seizure, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is a friend to Israel, texting yourself stuff is a good practice if you're forgetful, and more.

Because Republican Tom Kean Jr. defeated "Your Mom" by 158k votes, here are your early links: They're chanting "I wanna see a movie!" in Beijing, fake purse sales are booming on Canal Street, menopause is chic now, and more.