E train

Police say the incident happened Tuesday on a 5 train.
The man who allegedly sucker-punched a woman on the E train because he thought she was a lesbian, hitting her so hard she fractured her spine, has been arrested.
'I don't think I'm ever gonna get on a train again.'
The child asked while another boy was wearing a costume.
In one incident, he allegedly stared at a woman while masturbating—and also took pictures of her.
These train cars have seats at the ends removed.
The man apparently also accused the African-American victim of going on a 'Kanye West rant.'
A small mouse was spotted on a Jamaica-bound E train, sending some riders into a leaping, screaming frenzy.
The suspect first touched the woman's thigh.
This happened during the morning commute on Friday.
"A lot of times, I'm playing the bad guy — I understood where he was coming from in a way."
With the L'apocalypse looming, and jam packed G trains a potential result, one proposal suggests a savior could be found in the E.
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