E scooters

Proponents of the scooters say they offer a low-cost, unintimidating travel option in an area of the city underserved by mass transit and lacking access to Citi Bike.
"The bill is self-contained and there's no reason they cant pass this bill next week as far as I’m concerned," the governor told reporters.
Governor Cuomo made the announcement on Tuesday during his annual budget address.
'Hopefully, long term, e-scooters will prove themselves in the outer boroughs, and we've seen in other states and cities where they’ve have operated and replaced car trips at significant rates.'
'There is broad agreement that just one person in Albany is now preventing this from passing: Senator Liz Krueger, whose district receives as many food deliveries as any by low-wage New Yorkers on e-bikes.'
While the arrest report states that cops did not use force against Parham, the video shows three officers tackling the delivery worker to the ground.
'The time is now to legalize e-bicycles and electric scooters.'
Police officers issued 669 e-bike tickets, 1,383 moving violations, and seized 910 e-bikes in 2018, according to the NYPD. Just 210 businesses were given citations for using e-bikes.
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