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Experts say outbreaks of waterborne illnesses are possible after flooding because sewage systems are overwhelmed.

Two separate analyses put out this week lay out the evidence to date on the coronavirus coming from nature.

Do you have romaine in your house? Burn it!

An attorney representing some of the plaintiffs called Chipotle's move "textbook appropriate."

Researchers say it's not an "immediate threat," but a warning sign of more antibiotic-resistant bugs to come.

As a result, the company's stock took a dip this morning.

Officials have yet to conclude what specific food item is linked to the illness.

Let us take this opportunity to warn you about Tanimura & Antle brand Field Fresh Wrapped Single Head Romaine lettuce.

No cases of illness have been reported yet. If you think you're in possession of tainted beef, you should give Tyson a call (1-866-328-3156).