E cig ban

A few weeks ago I decided that now was the right time for me to step down. Working at JUUL Labs has been an honor.
Quick, before the Mango runs out!
"Vaping is dangerous, period. At a minimum it is addicting young people to nicotine at a very early age."
NY Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal reportedly plans to introduce a bill outlawing all e-cigs until the FDA approves them.
The city's ban on e-cigs in bars, restaurants and public parks was upheld unanimously by a panel of judges.
Flavored e-cigs would only be sold in tobacco bars.
On Saturday e-cig advocates will blow their sweet, cinnamon-flavored clouds of Justice in Central Park.
A state law amending the Smoke Free Air Act to include e-cigarettes would presumably be much harder to challenge.
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