E bikes

The new models will hit the streets next week.
CitiBike is trying to expand its e-bike fleet with help from New York City and Con Ed.
"Most of us work full time, ten to twelve hours a day, and you need to use the bathroom," said one worker who has been denied the use of a restroom by restaurants for which he delivers food.
“He was hardworking,” Estrada told Gothamist. “He came here looking for a better future and a better life. He wanted to contribute to this country.”
Lyft, which owns Citi Bike, has also rolled out a new pricing scheme for the bikes.
According to the NYPD, only 71 e-bike citations were issued to businesses in all of 2019, while 1,052 summonses—which carry $500 fines—were given to riders.
"The bill is self-contained and there's no reason they cant pass this bill next week as far as I’m concerned," the governor told reporters.
Governor Cuomo made the announcement on Tuesday during his annual budget address.
At a press conference to highlight crime statistics, the mayor dismisses the significance of data.
Cuomo has until the end of the month to sign legislation that would legalize e-bikes and e-scooters.
'We really need to catch up here in New York.'
'Hopefully, long term, e-scooters will prove themselves in the outer boroughs, and we've seen in other states and cities where they’ve have operated and replaced car trips at significant rates.'
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