E bike

The fires are preventable and fairly rare, but they can be uniquely destructive.
The incident occurred early Saturday morning in Manhattan's Chinatown.
Hossain is the 23rd cyclist killed this year — marking the second highest total since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office.
Ernesto Guzman is now the 20th cyclist killed in New York City this year.
The mayor is okay, the scooter driver and his daughter suffered scrapes.
There were less than 100 electric bikes available to ride throughout the entire system on Monday afternoon, according to a review by Gothamist.
The bill would have legalized e-bikes often used by tens of thousands of immigrant delivery workers.
A company spokesperson vowed on multiple occasions that the bikes would be available again come 'fall.'
'We just want them to stop torturing the food delivery workers.'
One of the suspects simulated that he had a weapon, police say.
The company will add a total of 2,500 docking points and 1,250 bikes on either side of the Williamsburg Bridge, as well as 1000 pedal-assist bikes.
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