Dyker heights

"I typed in 'Christmas lights in NYC' and found Dyker Heights, this was the number one result."
One person was hospitalized after being attacked at a pro-NYPD rally in Brooklyn.
Twinkly lights and snow and giant Santas are now on display!
Residents complained that they were being overrun by vendors capitalizing on visitors.
One of the girls also posted an apology to Instagram.
A video circulating online shows two female students at a Brooklyn prep school wearing blackface and making ape gestures.
The Dyker Heights lights are back, in all their twinkling glory.
'What happens is there are so many definitions and so many pieces of legislation I'm not sure what you're talking about.'
About 100 people attended an NRA fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Dyker Heights.
The NYPD says there have been no arrests.
The annual display includes everything from blinged-out nativity scenes to blown-up Marvel superheroes, from glittery candy cane soldiers to sparkly candy cane front lawns.
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