Dyke march

Self-described as "a protest march, not a parade," the Dyke March works without permits or sponsors to bolster identity, celebrate community and confront discrimination.
From the Drag March to the Queer Liberation March, check out everything you need to know about this year's major Pride Weekend festivities.
Black Dyke Power was the theme this year, and as we're seeing at all of these first-time-since-COVID events, the overall atmosphere was rowdy, joyous, slightly disbelieving, and festive as hell.
"I’m sick of seeing Black women dying, Black women being shot, Black women being harassed, Black trans women being murdered, and no one doing anything."
The demand for change was directed at a host of issues at this year's protest march.
Pride Month culminates this weekend with many celebrations.
Much of the 'Dyke Rage' at the annual demonstration was directed towards ICE.
As is the custom, the 25th Annual Dyke March was a protest, not a parade. But that doesn't means it wasn't also a lot of fun.
An emotional moment of silence for those killed in Orlando was followed by the arrival of Edie Windsor, the hero in overturning DOMA two years ago, to the front of the march.
The 21st Annual Dyke March went down on Saturday.
The Dyke March gathered at Bryant Park yesterday "in celebration of LBTQ women and to protest against ongoing discrimination, harassment, and anti-LBTQ violence in schools, on the job, in our families, and on the streets."
Yesterday was the 38th Annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride
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