Dun well doughnuts

Show your support for Gothamist by eating this delicious food!
The tiny shop should open on St. Mark's Place some time in July.
Prepare, young padawan, to nibble on Yoda's big green ears or chew on Leia's sweet buns.
Fake food holidays make rainy Fridays better.
Deep-fried cauliflower over waffles... there is no better way to celebrate National Vegetarian Week.
Vegans: your new favorite doughnut shop just opened in Brooklyn.
Yesterday we brought the Foie Gras doughnut purveyors to the office to sample the Faux Gras doughnut creator's vegan version, and everyone got along.
At last: the faux gras doughnut, for vegans who were sinfully tempted by the fois gras one.
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