Happy National Dumpling Day!
Over 20 restaurants and food trucks serving the Himalayan dumplings are participating this year.
There's a Bacon, Egg & Cheese special plus some newcomers in the dumpling scene.
A shutter in August had some fearing the restaurant was gone forever when, in fact, it was just moving.
Sadly, there are no carts at this location.
The little window will serve three different kinds of dumplings along with bubble tea.
Competitors in the Dumpling Galaxy Tasting Contest are tasked with guessing the ingredients in each of the restaurant's dumplings.
Yaso Tangbao will be bringing their xiao long bao talents to Sunset Park.
The 5th annual Momo Crawl offers a walk-around dumpling tour of Jackson Heights, where participants sample Himalayan dumplings from a variety of vendors.
At Drunken Dumpling, the XL Xiao Long Bao is "the size of a bowl" and comes with a straw for drinking the broth.
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