Dumbo arts festival

Puno refused to tell her customers what she had planned on doing with the data, and they signed a document releasing their information to her and allowing it to be shared and displayed.
Today's your last day to experience the free art!
There are full days of art today and tomorrow.
If you haven't been, there's still time to get there today!
The weekend is almost over, but you still have some time to check out lots of the cool stuff going on in Brooklyn at the DUMBO Arts Fest.
Here are some things to do this weekend, starting with the last weekend of the Newtown Creek Armada.
Is a trailer for the stars of the upcoming Lego movie, leftovers from the DUMBO Arts Festival, or...something else?
Click through to see some photos from the DUMBO Arts Festival weekend, and watch some videos of the "Immersive Surfaces" projections in action below.
This weekend we dropped by the DUMBO Arts Festival to join in
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