The carousel, which was restored by Jane Walentas and brought to Brooklyn in 2011, was originally built in 1922.
The sequel to her Bensonhurst Em Vietnamese Bistro recently opened on Front Street.
The hole-in-the-wall, called Vodega, offers all your bodega favorites without the meat.
You will have to spend a good amount of time inside before grabbing a spot to eat outdoors.
There are 21 vendors in all, including Fish Cheeks, Bessou, Juliana's Pizza, Breads Bakery, Ice and Vice, Jacob's Pickles, Clinton Street Bakery, Mr. Taka Ramen, and Miss Ada.
The pizza staple has reportedly been closed for over a month, and answers about its future have not been forthcoming.
Here's a new close-up look at the garbage-strewn streets of Gotham City as well as Joaquin Phoenix in full clown regalia using a phone booth.
This weird home with a stellar view could be yours.
New York's feral freelance population is about to get a much-deserved boost.
The victim apparently lost consciousness for 45 minutes.
Their signature "Beer ATM" will offer pours of 24 different beers, including some brewed on-site.
A restaurateur supergroup is opening the restaurant, which serves a menu of Eastern European dishes like hummus, Turkish dumplings, and whole roasted fish.
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