Duct tape

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Video has emerged of the aftermath of the drunken outburst, which shows Icelandair crew and passengers tying up duty free liquor enthusiast Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson. Warning: there is a lot of feeble moaning ahead.
"Gudmundur likes to drink, but his behavior has the family scratching their heads," one relative said. "He isn't a violent person. This was not normal behavior for him. I hope he is OK."
Passenger Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, may not have been arrested, but he did make it to the front cover of the NY Post. And some more details about his drunken antics have been revealed.
An "apparently intoxicated" man who was acting "in a disorderly fashion" was restrained by passengers and crew members on a flight from Reykjavik, Iceland to JFK on Thursday afternoon.
Pro tip: When binding a loved one with duct tape in a religious ceremony to cure them of their drug addiction and mental problems, be sure you don't fasten the tape too tightly.
The horrible truth is that duct tape is not the answer to everything.
A 2-year-old boy is claiming that his teacher at I.S. 399 in the Bronx taped him to a chair for 20 minutes during class last week
The victim's hands were bound with duct tape; his mouth was also reportedly covered with duct tape.
The body found on West 4th Street last night was identified
Did a Brooklyn teacher duct tape a special ed student's mouth
Ah, to be young again. Two teens from Staten Island recently
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