Buffleheads! Not the Mandarin Duck, but hey, it's 2020 and we take any ounce of joy we can get.
The Common Merganser was seen with a plastic ring around its neck and in its beak.
It was allegedly not responsible for the delays on the N line this afternoon.
The Parks Department has proposed a unilateral ban on feeding all animals, because the treats have gotten out of hand.
A possible swan song for the controversial fancy snack.
Hey, I Just Wanted to Take Another Look At You.
While the original plan was to rescue it, the Park Rangers tell us it can stay now.
A striking male Mandarin duck was spotted in the Central Park Pond... thing is, it's very rare to see them in these parts.
A quacking, leashed duck graced the G train Monday evening.
Or, Video: Duck Totally Flubs Interview At Maker Startup In The City After Falling Onto L Tracks
Watch this video of a duck, rare to these parts, bobbing around the water in Central Park.
The duck wasn't part of some magical children's story come to life, rather a marketing tool for a large corporation :(
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