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The shirt depicts an animated rat with a terrified look on its face, crossed out by a red prohibition sign and surrounded by a viral quote from Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch.

New details emerge on a $1.3-million pilot program that hopes to end the practice of dumping garbage and recycling bags onto sidewalks.

The Citywide Office of Administrative Services had set a Thanksgiving deadline, by which all determinations and appeals were supposed to be settled.

According to city data released Friday, the police department has 6,170 employees -- or 11% percent of its 52,100 employees recorded in October -- requesting religious or medical accommodation.

"This kind of an exhibit takes that hidden essence away, puts a face to some of the workers that are on the job."

City officials explain the lengthy exemption process and why so many unvaccinated workers have been allowed to stick with weekly testing rather than immediately take the shots.

About 12,000 staff for first responder agencies and 2,100 sanitation workers face the prospect of unpaid leave starting Monday

New Yorkers made 5,249 missed pickup reports between October 20th and October 26th, compared with just 1,109 a month earlier.

"We treat every event as if it could become a plowable event.”

"It was shocking, definitely felt like an earthquake, seeing a structure drag across the street," said a manager at Bar Six.