This June, Joe Lentol will face a local activist named Emily Gallagher who was won the support of some reform Democrats in the area, hoping to pull off an AOC-like upset.
The Cuomo-Controlled Public Service Commission just approved a $1.2 billion rate hike over the next three years.
'We want to see health care for everyone, we want to see better education for everyone, we want better rights at work and a more humane society where everyone is treated with dignity.'
Cabán is part of an expanding movement across the country to capture an office that has a large impact on people’s day-to-day lives, even if it’s one that most voters rarely think about.
The triumphant activists gathered in Jackson Heights on Thursday night for an Amazon victory party featuring a mariachi band, chants of "Bye Bezos," and a pinata depicting the Amazon CEO's face.
As candidates hustle for votes in the last days before the election, a reminder on what it takes to pull an upset
Shortly after the vote is scheduled to begin, New Yorkers will descend on Union Square to voice their disgust over the future justice.
'We didn't establish an abortion fund, in part because of some of the concerns of Right to Life, which was led by Julia.'
'Socialism is definitely on the rise. Capitalism better head for the hills.'
On the Green Party ticket.
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