Drunk driving

The top Republican in the New York State Assembly will step down from his leadership position—but will not resign his seat—following his arrest for drunk driving on New Year's Eve.
The arrest came just one week after Kolb published an op-ed imploring local residents to drive sober over the holidays.
He was charged with vehicular manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, reckless driving, speeding and driving while drunk.
Adjust your expectations, sportsfans.
Steve Cassidy was also allegedly found with cocaine.
He allegedly had 9 or 10 vodka drinks in three hours while partying with fellow traffic enforcement officers before the crash.
The driver was allegedly intoxicated and traveling at nearly twice the speed limit.
His attorney reportedly plans to appeal the sentence.
He faces up to life in prison.
He allegedly asked cops, "Did I kill anyone?"
The tiny town includes working stop lights, crosswalks, and bike lanes, as well as a Town Hall and a fire station.
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