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"SantaCon 2021: SnOmicron Cometh" is kicking off this Saturday in Midtown.

Now that the city has reopened, so too have the binge-drinking floodgates: SantaCon NYC 2021 is scheduled to happen December 11th.

Find out who was naughty and nice at SantaCon 2019. In photos.

Does anything sound better than being trapped at sea with hundreds of seasick bros doing Goldschläger shots?

SantaCon, the city's stupidest annual event, returns December 14th.

The official motto should become: 'We Haven't Done Anything But Wake Up And Drink.'

Cops say that the death is believed to be accidental, but the investigation is ongoing.

"He's not an alcoholic now." He's also no longer a pilot.

If we learned anything from the trailer to the movie 'Flight,' it's that only Denzel Washington can be trusted to pilot a plane upside-down while drunk.