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A UC Berkeley study alleges that secondhand bong smoke might be just as harmful as cigarette smoke. But given the heavy restrictions on marijuana research, this takeaway might not be completely valid.

Police had been investigating the apartment where Williams allegedly purchased the drugs.

The synthetic opioid was found in nearly one in 10 bags of coke seized by the NYPD in April.

Six people were arrested after authorities raided a Bronx apartment.

Federal prosecutors unsealed the indictment Tuesday.

The officers exhibited fentanyl-related symptoms, including nausea and shortness of breath.

The video is part of a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the city.

Mike's Candyshop allegedly "allowed people to order heroin and cocaine to their doorstep" on demand, "with the same convenience as if they were ordering a pizza."

The investigation marks New Jersey's largest-ever pill seizure.