Drug smuggling

They arrested two men after a stakeout.
He was nervous when going through customs.
Act nervous and the feds will catch on.
Maybe you should encrypt your plans to smuggle 35 pounds of smack into the States?
Nothing'll bring you down faster than the Man stealing all your hard-earned cash, and one American Airlines flight attendant is learning that the hard way.
Previously, Guyana blamed old sniffer dogs for not finding drugs.
Another day, another interesting place that drug smugglers find to hide their wares!
Oh, drug smugglers—always finding clever ways to smuggle drugs.
A Netherlands resident was accused of importing 16 pounds of cocaine hidden inside markers, deodorants, nail polish bottles, and buttons at Kennedy airport last Tuesday.
42-year-old Nigerian national Afolake Awoyemi arrived at JFK last Wednesday from Paris and told Customs officials that the bulge in her "groin area" could be attributed to the miracle of life.
Sending drugs through the mail, not the best long-term drug smuggling method! Even if you are sending them to fancy addresses.
Drug smugglers do the darndest things!
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