Drug ring

The investigation marks New Jersey's largest-ever pill seizure.
The prison's superintendent and another top manager have been placed on leave, along with several guards.
The feds are looking into whether the escapees got special treatment for involvement in a prisoner-guard drug ring.
A family of Queens restauranteurs were arrested yesterday for allegedly using their Italian eatery as a front for a cocaine trafficking ring.
Jennifer Sultan once rented a summer house in the Hamptons for $400,000.
Father Heisenberg.
An East Harlem drug ring who made more than $1 million a year peddling PCP/Angel Dist, heroin, and crack have been shut down by police.
Motherly love truly knows no bounds.
Perez superimposed his face onto a blown-up still of Al Pacino from "Scarface". And he kept it on his bed stand. "He's very proud of what he's doing, obviously, and he's quite arrogant and narcissistic."
Pauline Wiltshire (Via The Smoking Gun) Pauline Wiltshire, everyone's favorite stripper-turned-med-student-turned-alleged-drug-dealer,
Some of the goodies found in suspended Columbia student Adam Klein's
The NYPD's Gang Unit was checking out the Bronx home of
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