Drug dealing

The alleged dealer faces life in prison for a charge known as “death-resulting,” which prosecutors are using to try to address the fentanyl crisis.
The men were among 34 people indicted this month as part of an alleged drug operation stretching from China to Arizona to Jamaica, Queens.
"You never see the white bar owner from the Meatpacking District in [court]. It's always some bodega owner from Uptown."
Police falsely claimed it was a crack spot. Now they're getting sued.
A second arrest on Staten Island yielded two submachine guns.
And there were supposed to be two more victims.
Drug dealer who didn't sling on sabbath will atone in prison.
A panicked resident said, "There are people peeing on our front door. The club is absolutely destroying the neighborhood."
Upside: Tuition at City College is 88% cheaper!
Two of the five alleged Operation Ivy League dealers did not have a good day at court today.
Nothing like a little drug dealing to make your love the TSA even more!
Harrison David, one of the suspended Columbia student charged with dealing drugs from the school's frats, has pled guilty to selling cocaine today.
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