Drug deal

He is accused of burying the bodies on his property.
He and another plainclothes officer had spotted a heroin deal, police say.
He was allegedly caught buying drugs on East 4th Street.
A Long Island dad has been arrested for conducting a drug deal in his car while his daughter sat in the back seat.
One of the Columbia students arrested for drug dealing was sentenced to 6 months at Rikers.
Two undercover cops, a minivan, a drug deal, and a grudge: at least somehow, no weapons were fired.
Why does a McDonald's need a guard, when it's not even Shamrock Shake season? Well, some allege that the location is a haven for drug dealers and their transactions.
Stonewall Inn (Flickr user wallyg) Hey, remember that 21-year-old Staten Island
Suspect Lawrence Elliot Last December, Lawrence Elliot was arrested for leading
On Monday night, the 24-year-old son of a NYU development official
So your friend really needs a ride to a crack deal,
Manhattan prosecutors say that one of the men suspected of killing
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