Researchers are analyzing 100 years worth of snowfall data, finding significant declines linked to climate change.
The completion of City Tunnel. No. 3 would help alleviate strain from droughts and the coming climate emergency, but it has cost decades of human toil.
An expansive high pressure system centered over New England will extend our run of fair weather for a couple more days.
Enjoy the foliage while it lasts!
Did we kill fall?
A new documentary film explores dying biodiversity in the world's food crops and its affects on farmers, rising food costs and humanity's future.
And RIP guacamole.
Crazy price hikes on the popular cut have forced restaurant owners to make tough decisions.
Costs of dairy and meat are expected to be the biggest problem in the U.S. but coffee, sugar, wheat and rice aren't far behind.
The forecast models have a classic storm setting up with an upper level shortwave scooting across the southeastern states then up the East Coast.
After another couple days without rain we finally got around to updating the precipitation graph.
From ground chuck to ribeyes, no cut is safe.
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