Flying drones over people's heads is not about public safety, but rather fear and social control.
“This is the Anti-COVID-19 Volunteer Drone Task Force," announced a drone filmed hovering over East River Park on Saturday.
"We're out there enforcing social distancing, and I'm sure there's gonna be questions on that. Are we looking to summons people? That's the last thing we're looking to do."
One bill would require that an initial drone inspection be done within 48 hours of a facade-related 311 complaint or DOB violation.
Two police officers assigned to the event were reportedly injured in separate incidents involving a hearse collision and a rogue drone.
The performance, rooted in the feedback Lou Reed's old guitars produce when placed against amplifiers, commemorate the late musician's birthday.
The free show features Reed's guitars placed against amplifiers, creating a cacophony of suspended notes.
"The more we see them up there, the more our fear level grows," NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan told the Wall Street Journal, of drones.
The drone sighting prompted a brief ground stop on flights arriving to Newark on Tuesday night.
The NYPD says it'll be used for things like search & rescue missions, crime scene documentation, and large gatherings, but the NYCLU wonders what defines large gatherings and how long the data will be retained.
Remember: It's almost always illegal to pilot a drone in New York City.
The drone caused rotor damage and cracked a window in the helicopter, whose pilot managed to land it safely.
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