“You see cars flying, motorcycles, loud exhausts, BMWs, Mustangs, just guys going to town."
Tell us what you want to know about commuting—and we’ll help answer your concerns along the way.
Who's the dummy NOW?
"I was hoping to push my goal up to a large number like 500 green lights, but I'll settle for this."
"You gotta watch these bikers."
If you reside in New Jersey, and the idea of Jesus taking the wheel makes you uncomfortable, you may now legally express your discomfort via a vanity license plate.
Miraculously, no one was injured in the crash.
"If the, I guess for lack of a better word, the man wants to come down on you, this is the extent to which they'll do it in order to prove a political point," Tang said.
Tang, 31, was a no-show in court during the final day of the trial. He was convicted by the jury in absentia, and is currently a fugitive.
Tang has now released a dashboard cam video of a police officer recreating his fasted loop around Manhattan—and it took the officer took nearly twice as long as Tang.
A taxi driver has been accused of successfully running a scam which every driver in NYC has fantasized about at some point: tailgating very close to other drivers to get past bridge tolls without paying.
"Seeing this as an easy goal to beat, about a week later or so I taped this run," the driver told us about this video.
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