Drivers license

'He's quite concerned politically about the bill, so he's leaving it up to the Attorney General to say there's something wrong with it.'
'Do you really want to do it and lose the Senate majority and never be able to do anything ever again for another generation? Not me.'
The Green Light bill has 25 co-sponsors in the Senate, which is still short of the 32 needed for passage.
Bills are on the table in New York and New Jersey, but are facing resistance.
Unless you want to carry your passport next time.
Since its facial recognition program launched, over 3,600 people have been arrested for possessing multiple IDs.
You may still want to apply for a passport or Enhanced Driver's License, just in case.
Starting at some point next year, you may have to use a different government-issued ID to fly.
Of the 181,196 test-takers, only 46 percent of them pass their road-tests. Thank God.
We can now add another thing that New Jersey won't let drivers do when posing for their driver's licenses: wear colanders on their heads.
Drunk drivers in New York watch out, the rules just changed.
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