A new city rule that went into effect this week requires vehicles and bikers to yield to pedestrians even if there is no stoplight or stop sign.
So far this year, 189 people have been killed by vehicles compared to 150 at the same time last year, according to the latest NYPD statistics.
The driver was stopped by other protesters blocks away and arrested.
A Brooklyn woman was arrested for slapping a 71-year-old driver in the face this morning, after the reckless senior crashed her car into a Bensonhurst deli.
Unlike a union, an association of independent contractors does not have the right to collectively bargain.
And they're threatening to organize a strike.
"Uber completely don't care about you and your living."
Uber drivers were pissed off. And Uber listened.
Congratulations to one Queens police precinct, which successfully handed out more violations to cyclists than motorists during a set of sting operations conducted last week.
A woman was hit first by a westbound livery cab on East 125th Street, then another traveling east.
The city will boot the cars of drivers who owe more than $350 in fines.
Nicole Grammerstorf turned herself in following a lethal hit-and-run that occurred last Labor Day.
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